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This Air

This air

A breath

This cacophany

Of stillness


What i know

Becomes me

When i no longer seek

This acquiescence


Becomes freedom

This mind

A reflection of all knowledge

Just that


But through

All things

Only love


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my love(rough draft)

My love is a yellow rose

A wash with the bittersweet disposition

Of harlequin prose

The colour of my indecision


My love is a brook in spring

Where fish commune

She meanders lazily

Beneath the verdant moon


My love is a gale in summer

So the boats may sway

                                                                Let not the good Lord keep me from her

                                                              Only this i pray


                                                             My love is silent and true

                                                                  A voice to calm the worry

                                                              Deep and stolid as the ocean is blue

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through him alone…. rough draft

God is my anchor
On this sea of folly and despair
When i see others drifting
I tether myself to him

God is my witness
In times of denial
When i see myself waning
I call out to him

God is my cure
In times of sickness
When my heart seems laden with sin
I seek his balm

God is my answer
In times of confusion
When the lies of the world encompass me
I rest in his truth

God is my light
In times of darkness
When the shadows of despondency seem to envelope
I am lit from within

God is my strength
When through my frailty I falter
Through him alone can I endure
On him alone can I depend

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There is a Stranger……

There is a Stranger…..

There is a stranger standing
Outside my door
He often knocks when i am sleeping
I wake up and in a hurry look to see
But i never see him

There is a stranger who stands outside my door
he endures the cold rain and the hot sun
I often hear him knocking
When i am busy
at work in the fields
Sometimes i become indignant and wonder how could anyone be so rude so i  stop and in a hurry i go to see
But i don’t see him

There is a stranger
Outside my door
I believe my neighbours often see him knocking
because they call me up and tell me to go and look
I always rush out to see in a hurry
But i don’t see him

There is a stranger
Outside my door and he has been knocking
For a long time now
I wont bother to go and look because it is late
The sun is going down and it is too dark
My habitual friends have already assured me
There is nothing to see….

john konnor

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Poem after an epistle on prayer….rough draft

Poem after an epistle on prayer….

Let your prayer
Be the fruit of your Holy ardency
Offer it up ungrudgingly
Ripe with unconditional love

Let the tree of your prayer be rooted
In Holy fear
That you may be diligent
And constantly aware of your mortality

To realize time is short
Will enhance your plea
Refining it so that your presses
Be abundantly overflowing with sincerity

At the outset of your supplications
The fruit will be green
Bitter from the attachments
Of your desires

Let your hope rest in eternity
Engendering it to everlasting life
Make your hope the upright trunk
Rooted in dread and humility

When the fruit is ripe and free from any desire
It will become food for the King
Feed the tree with faith
And protect the fruit from the birds of the field
With works clothed in prudence

john konnor

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IN the ground of the soul

In the ground of the soul


I dug a new foundation

From the dust of humility

I raised myself to the bottom of all posit and negation

From here i saw where

I needed to wander

From the broadline

Where chequered breezes drew heavy

A simple dart

Of longing love

As i lay dying

Pierced the mist

Ascending from the living torrent


By no secret device did i unveil

Naked and secure

Bound by  law but unlawfully did i descend

To the double abyss

Free from direction or space

I became all things

And undid myself

Without artiface


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