Some Original SPiritual Poetry…johnkonnor

Pretend…a spiritual recollection(rough draft)

Pretend as you work
That your hands are
Offering the gifts
Of the mass

We proffer our standards
Into the crucible of faith

Pretend that your words
To others
Are the words you will speak to God
When you see him

We communicate our wishes
In unison
By the living Word

That the ignorance you perceive
In others is a fault of your own

Pretend that the eye you view the world with
Is God’s eye
And all these things you see he wishes you to see in order to relate his grace

Pretend that everyone’s dream is your dream
And that kindness is  the only gift you can give that will never run out

Pretend that your life will never end
And you will live forever through love
Because love has no reason but only itself
It belongs to the world beyond definition or limit

Pretend and it will be
Humility is your guide
And truth is nothing more than what you know to be real
As revealed by the mind of God

God is the sky and the spark….

God is the sky and the spark we are the fire
The fuel being our works

The fire must consume the wood
And make it one

At the outset there will be smoke and contention
Of opposites
As the fire and wood ignite

To become one
Is the goal
As God is one
The object of our desire

The father of the fire is God
The fire is grace
Which perfects our nature
And so our works are born amidst the conflagration of truths
And are made one

The other sparks
Our brothers and sisters in God
Will what God wills
And so become one as the fire consumes the wood

Until nothing is left but the ash
The grief of our struggle
To become one

And so the fire’s object is the sky
It cannot help but proceed up since its naked desire is to be one with its father
Which is the sky
And so the fire is extinguished by the ethereal coolness of the sky
And reverts back to its beginning
Which is its father
The sky

All things have journeyed……

In the end
All things guided by grace
Have journeyed
Seeking their source

The great magnet
That is grace
Draws us
All journeys court redition

Seeking communion with their source

Because i sought my source
I became a brother with the wind and the sun and stars
They all reach out for love
The scent of the wild flower
Flowing through my veins
Seeks its source through me

The gnarled jack pine reaches out with its spiked branches
As i reach out for love
We are reaching out into the mysterious stillness that we all once knew
Working in the darkness of faith we do what we can guided by grace

And all things are connected
By this desire for rest  in love
The happiness of fulfillment in perfection
The protection of love
Because we yearn for unity
The oneness of heaven
That exists in God

And we all were univocally one
As a thought in the mind of God
In the beginning

One Poem ….written at an internet cafe

On the streets of Kuala Lumpur
Walking by all the shops
Seeing the worldly goods
I noticed a broken beggar
With his withered body
Beaten by the sun
And all the worldly eyes passing

On the streets of Kuala Lumpur
I saw a man
With his wounds
Beaten by the sun
His broken cup beside him
Open to receive the dregs of the Worldly
The coins the tokens of ignominy

On the streets of Kuala Lumpur
I saw Jesus with his withered body
With his wounds
With his broken cup beside him
Beaten by the worldly eyes
I saw Jesus and my heart wept
Heaven hides but is readily found by those who look with the eyes of Love



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